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Special Reports & Feature Stories!

“Objective journalism and an opinion column are
about as similar as the Bible and Playboy magazine.”

-- Walter Cronkite


Special Reports

Feature Stories

State of Vancouver -
Are we really safe?

Contractor’s Declaration

Active Fire Files
Formal Response!

A Message to Mayor
Gregor Robertson

Inspection Do’s & Don’t’s

Signalink’s Firelink II

CFAA Drops the Ball!

Isolator Installation Do’s & Don’t’s


ASTTBC’s Call to Arms!

The Property Manager’s Quick Guide to Fire Equipment Service and Testing


Cheap Tricks - Dirty Tricks!

Fire Alarm Field Device
Installation Guide (Canada)


The ASTTBC Limbo!
(How Low Can They Go?)

Report on ASTTBC’s Fire Protection Technician Certification Program


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FAQ's Page
Search Terms: CFAA, Extinguisher Hydro-Test, Fire Alarm Verification, Testing Isolator Modules
Use of Signalink’s Firelink II in Canada - A Special Report
Search Terms: Mircom, Signalink, Firelink 2, McConchie Law, David Sylvester
Search Terms: AFSA, Rich Morris, CFAA
Glossary of Industry Terms
Search Terms: Active Communication, AHJ, DVACS, Battery De-rating Factor
TECH-NEWS! December2010/January 2011
Search Terms: Acme Fire and Safety, Active Fire and Safety, City of Vancouver
EDITORIAL - June 2013
Search Terms: CFAA, Annual Inspection, CAN/ULC-S536, Inspection Estimator Tool
TECH-NEWS - EXTRA! - January 2011
Search Terms: Fire Alarm Verification, Active Fire and Safety, Mark Roozbahani , Arkady Tsisserev, Gregor Robertson
TECH-NEWS! April 2012
Levitt Safety, CFAA, Fire Blockade, Lower Mainland Fire & Safety, Fire Alarm Inspection
EDITORIAL! June 2010
Search Terms: Fire and Safety Equipment Inspection, ASTTBC, Active Fire
TECH-NEWS! October 2010
Search Terms: Active Fire, Potter Electric Signal, Active Fire and Safety, Frank Kurz




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In Memoriam
G. Richard (Rich) Morris
Celebrating a truly
remarkable life!

CFAA’s Tribute
SCC’s Tribute

In Memoriam
David Sylvester
CFAA Legend, Educator,
and Friend!

CFAA’s Tribute

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