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Building life safety equipment & systems installation, inspection, testing & maintenance
The on-line resource for fire protection equipment and fire alarm service technicians

This website is dedicated to the memory of Jovel and Philip Galarosa,
aged 15 and 14 when they perished in a fire at the Clipper Cove Apartments
in Richmond British Columbia on December 21, 2001.

“Our children are our only hope for the future and we are their only hope for their present and their future.”
-- Zig Ziglar

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of humanity.”
-- Rabindorath Tagor

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
-- Samuel Langhorne Clemens (aka Mark Twain)

“The difference between who you are, and what you want to be, is what you do!”
-- William Nathaniel Phillips


The Fire Protection Technicians Network is the premier online building life safety technical resource where you’ll find a wealth of information to make YOUR job simpler, more effective and ultimately, more rewarding.  If you're a fire alarm technician or fire protection technician, this is the place to hang out!  Share your experiences and expertise with others in our life safety and fire alarm forums, download fire alarm verification report, fire alarm inspection report, and building life safety inspection report forms, and explore our library of links, informative tips and suggested testing procedures.  Association members can download manuals from our extensive library while our FAQ’s pages now feature answers to more than 600 questions (and continuously updated).  Subscribe to our live RSS feed and stay up-to-date with manufacturer’s bulletins, recall alerts, and technical notes.  You can also open a whole TOOL-box of valuable links to exclusive installation guides, NFPA Standards, and agency listings.  Our training and events pages offer you opportunities to expand on your knowledge, meet like-minded people, and accelerate your career.

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You may be interested in joining the discussions (or starting one of your own) on our new LinkedIn Forum.  It’s free (just like the phone number you’ll see at the top of every page) and you just might enjoy sharing with and learning from a bunch of great people!  Follow us and receive regular updates on what’s happening in your community!




(From LinkedIN) - “Bo Cooper is a 26 year old second generation firefighter with the Fort MacMurray Fire Department. He's fighting leukemia for the 3rd time. His father is a captain with FMFD as well. He is in Maryland trying a new innovative treatment that isn't recognized by Health Canada. As such, it's a very expensive treatment. Firefighters spend their career saving complete strangers in need. If you're a brother or sister, please consider helping a comrade. If you're a civilian, please consider helping to save a firefighters life.

If you’re a fire protection technician (or involved in the industry as a manufacturer or distributor), please help Bo out.

Bo’s GOFUNDME page is at .



September marks the start of two new training courses for Building Officials and Inspectors (new construction) and Fire Prevention Officers (FPO’s) across the country.  We’ll be touching base in a number of Canadian communities over the coming year.  Our new Canadian Fire Alarm Verification and Communicator Installation/Service/Inspection Courses are being offered at BCIT’s Burnaby Campus!  For more information, or to REGISTER, please visit our TRAINING page!

We want to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the participation and generous support of all the great people at Potter Electric Signal Co., LLC and Eaton Corporation, plc!

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FAQ's Page
Search Terms: CFAA, Extinguisher Hydro-Test, Fire Alarm Verification, Testing Isolator Modules
Glossary of Industry Terms
Search Terms: Active Communication, AHJ, DVACS, Battery De-rating Factor
Fire Alarm Field Device Installation Guide
Search Terms:  Fire Alarm Installation, Fire Alarm Isolators, Manual Station Height, Fire Alarm Wiring Guide
TECH-NEWS AND VIEWS! - November 2016
Search Terms: Verification, CFAA, ASTTBC, Fire Alarm Technician Certification
Use of Signalink’s Firelink II in Canada - A Special Report
Search Terms: Mircom, Signalink, Firelink 2, McConchie Law, David Sylvester
EDITORIAL - December 2015
Search Terms: CFAA, Annual Inspection, CAN/ULC-S536, Inspection Estimator Tool
Search Terms: Fire Alarm Verification Form, Extinguisher Inspection Form, Fire Alarm Inspection Form
Search Terms: AFSA, Rich Morris, CFAA
EDITORIAL! October 2016
Search Terms: Verification, CAN/ULC-S537, Verification testing forms
TECH-NEWS! October 2010
Search Terms: Active Fire, Potter Electric Signal, Active Fire and Safety, Frank Kurz

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This web site would not exist but for the inspiration and encouragement of a few dedicated individuals, some of whom I will name here for the record (in no particular order):
Ark Tsisserev, Larry Barker, Andy Sangha, Brian Stegavig, Dave Merrill, Mark Smitton,
Nick LeForte, Dave Clou,
Perry Talkkari, Jacquie Cliffe, Allan Colombo, Bob Furlong,
Nick Markowitz, Deborah Cahill, Ted Simmons, Rich Morris, Farmand Ghafari

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In Memoriam
G. Richard (Rich) Morris
Celebrating a truly
remarkable life!

CFAA’s Tribute
SCC’s Tribute

In Memoriam
David Sylvester
CFAA Legend, Educator,
and Friend!

CFAA’s Tribute

Our FAQ’s pages always makes for interesting reading (we should also mention that it’s the most extensive fire protection equipment FAQ on the Planet!).
Last updated on:
December 30, 2016! WHOIS
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Stir up the Gray Matter with
Nick Markowitz &
Al Colombo

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