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December 10, 2013 - The firmware update is required on all ECC-50/100E Emergency Command Centres which employ ECC-CE6 speaker circuit expander modules.  Please ensure you familiarize yourself with this technical bulletin and perform the firmware upgrade required.

November 27, 2013 - A manufacturing anomaly has been identified involving some models of addressable detectors which occurs when you attempt to install or remove them from their bases.  Apparently some additional force is required (more than what you would normally apply).  You can read more (including a list of affected model numbers) HERE.

July 18, 2013 - Fire-Lite has identified a compatibility issue that is manifested when a technician attempts to download an MS-9200UDLS or MS-9600UDLS running Version 6.0 panel firmware with PS-Tools Version 6.0.  You must be running PS-Tools Version 7.0 in order to download these panels.  You can read more information on this issue by reading this technical bulletin!

FIRE-LITE ALARMS Installation Bulletin (affects "dual action" pull stations):
October 3, 2011 - FireLight Alarms in conjunction with System Sensor have issued a bulletin regarding a potential problem with their "dual-action" type pull stations manufactured between July 2007 and January 2010. You can read more about this issue HERE! The affected pull stations include:


Fire-Lite will replace any pull station which demonstrates this defect (and which falls within the date-coding 7071 and 0011) free of charge.

End of Production Announcement (MS-9600RB and DACT-UD):
FireLite Alarms is no longer going to be producing the DACT-UD or replacement boards for the MS-9600. For those dealers (in Canada) with this version board, the immediate replacement would be the MS-9600LSC which has very particular installation requirments when it comes to remote annunciation (the ACS type annunciator isn't allowed and the ANN series annunciator must be located within twelve feet of the fire alarm panel and in the same room).  It might be prudent for Canadian dealers that are servicing the older version units (that have remotely mounted ACS type annunciators) to keep a couple of replacement boards on hand until ULC approves the new Fire-Lite annunciator that's currently in the works. You can read more about this HERE.

CP-355 Addressable Smoke Detector:
System Sensor advised that there is a problem with this detector's trouble threshold which affects those units manufactured between March 2008 and October 2008.  For the complete text and detailed detector identification click HERE.

ACM-16ATF/ACM-32AF Annunciator Programming Dipswitch Errata:
FireLite Alarms has identified an error in the installation instructions affecting the on/off positions of the dip switches located adjacent to the rotary address selector. The "on" position is not as shown in the manual, but is, in fact, reversed. For more details, click HERE.

RECALL of FCPS-24FS6 and FCPS-24FS8 power supplies:
Due to a manufacturing error, there may be a problem with the solder applied to the bottom right edge of the main board which may result in the failure of the Notification Appliance Circuits.  Boards affected bear the date code "4602" where "46" is the week and "02" is the year (in this case "2002") or earlier. Boards manufactured after this date code are not affected.  This is an ongoing recall.  There is more information HERE.

RECALL of MS-5012 Panels:
Panels manufactured between January 2007, and May, 2007 are the subject of this recall. These are identified by date codes "0207" through "1907".  Details and identification methodology is detailed HERE.

REMINDER - ACM & ACS Annunciators:
ACM and ACS Series Annunciators are illegal to install with the MS-9200LSC in Canada (older versions of the MS-9600 without the LS or LSC designations are OK).  Only the ANN-LED series annunciators are approved and they must be mounted in the same room and not more than twelve (12) feet from the common control.  In addition, all wiring must be in rigid EMT conduit between the annunciator and the fire alarm control panel. Fire-Lite anticipates resolving this issue within the year. If you've subscribed to our RSS Tech-Feed you'll be notified when it's passed ULC.

Firmware Upgrade REQUIRED for all model MS-9600LSE, MS-9600LSC, MS-9600UDLS, and MS-9600UDLSE fire alarm panels:

Fire-Lite has issued a special bulletin affecting these panels manufactured between October 2008 and March 2010 (date codes 4008 through 1010) and which employ an SLC-2LS expander module.  You must immediately upgrade to Firmware version 4.3.  For more information on this and how to obtain the upgrade, click HERE!


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