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A Woid About Your Privacy!



“Can I please have a little privacy here?”
-- Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker)
in All In The Family

We aren't blabbermouths, so any personal information you provide (inadvertently or otherwise) while browsing this site will not be retransmitted by email, telephone, pigeon post, facsimile, web page or any other print or visual medium known to man. It will also not be rebroadcast by radio wave, particle wave, microwave, or collimated light source through any gaseous, liquid, solid medium or outer space. The information we collect will only be used for the purposes stipulated in the various forms you'll find scattered throughout the site (and which you're requested to complete now and then) and for statistical analysis relating to usage, Internet search terminology, etc.

We do reserve the right to refuse access to the private areas of our website to anyone that doesn't like chocolate, that won't complete the requisite forms, or who refuses to finish their vegetables. You on the other hand, will agree to keep your hands inside the vehicle while it's in motion, won't give out (or lend) your login ID or password, and will not copy, fold, staple or otherwise mutilate anything you find here without first asking permission (with the exception of forms specifically designated for download).

If you don't want to receive email alerts from us, please feel free to drop us a line and request removal from our list. We hope you enjoy your visit and will bookmark us to return again!

Mum’s the woid!


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We are not affiliated with ASTTBC, CFAA, CANASA, NFPA, NAFED, or NICET (although we encourage you to explore and objectively evaluate the benefits associated with supporting their individual efforts).  Membership in the Fire Protection Technicians Network is entirely voluntary.  Are you up to the challenge of demonstrating your commitment to public safety and the highest standard of professional practice?  JOIN US!  And let us help take your career to the next level!


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