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The Burning Brick Awards!


Vancouver - Like the Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man”, I’ve got to say that I do get around...  The Lower Mainland that is!  When a property manager called us in to help reset a rather recalcitrant FX-2000 panel, I found this mounted in the building’s foyer.



So far so good.  We’ve got a “trouble” on the “Low Air” sensor.  Let’s turn the key in that lock and open the cabinet door!



Uh-Oh!  The home made battery rack sort of stands out like the proverbial “sore thumb”!  Let’s have a closer look.  Yep!  As I suspected.  Conduit has been terminated into the bottom of the common control in a fashion eerily similar to this Brickee!



Let’s see who Verified this puppy!



And another one (by the same technician, no less)!



In addition, this building employs NO data loop isolators, and all of the circuits wired as Class “A” loops employ five conductor cable.  It would appear that at another one of Mircom’s technicians continues to demonstrate a distinct lack of knowledge of both the Standard for Fire Alarm Installation (CAN/ULC-S524-01, in this instance would apply), and the Standard for Fire Alarm Verification (CAN/ULC-S537-04).

Which makes this yet another stunning example worthy of a Burning Brick Award!

UPDATE!  January 14, 2014.  Since this article was published we have determined that data loop isolators are installed on the system, but they are significantly so remote from the panel, that, we suspect, they do NOT isolate the floor areas correctly as a result.  Further investigation is merited.


More Burning Bricks continue to be added to the wall!


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[Mircom 3]

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