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The Burning Brick Awards!


This is a Mircom FX-2000 system installation I stumbled on in Surrey, B. C.

Electrical Room in Surrey strip mall


What's wrong with this particular installation? How about the four one inch conduits entering into the bottom of the common control for starters!

The Mircom FX-2000 Installation Instructions repeat the words "Leave bottom of box conduit free for batteries" prominently no less than FOUR TIMES (from page six through nine).  It's obvious to me that the electrical contractor that installed this mess never even read the installation instructions.

I don't know about you, but the distance between the high voltage distribution equipment and the fire alarm common control looks to be a wee bit short of one (1) metre, don't you think?

Mircom FX-2000 Fire Alarm Control Panel


In the above picture the AC doesn't even enter the enclosure at the pre-punched knockout Mircom provides.  The contractor has drilled a hole just to the left of the batteries (the little silver bit). The AC is routed down the side and under the shelf that's been fabricated from a handy piece of steel wall stud. SLC (data communication loop) wiring and bell circuit wiring enters through the bottom of the enclosure and runs parallel to the AC.

I find it difficult to believe that a manufacturer trained (and employed) technician can't recognize one of his own panels failed installations, but two (or even three) separate technicians performing individual verifications on the same panel is beyond all reasonable comprehension???

Mircom Verification Label (CAN/ULC-S537 Test Record)


Additional Mircom Verifications


One of the labels indicates that the monitoring connections were verified. Notice how the primary telephone line enters the communicator enclosure (it's the unprotected CAT 3 wire at the upper right of the red box)? What's wrong with THIS picture? Some of you may say that the VI sticker references the physical connections to the fire alarm panel, but I think it also behoves a Professional Verifier to be able to identify a properly installed communicator, don't you?

Communicator Installation


Two burning questions still beg to be answered: "How many more installations like this are out there?" and "What else is wrong with this particular installation?"

Stay Tuned!

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[Mircom 3]

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