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Silent Knight

Bulletins, Recalls, & Technical Service Notes:

5820XL Technical Service Note:
Reports from the field indicate there may be a problem with the way the power supply board is mounted.  If the unit is dropped or mishandled during shipment, the weight of the transformer may cause the board to deform sufficiently to cause damage to the connector.  Please ensure you examine this part of the control assembly immediately upon receiving the unit.  It’s best to do this at the point of sale so that you don’t leave with a defective product.

ULC Delists 5204:
The Silent Knight 5204 dual line digital fire alarm communicator is no longer ULC Listed (under CAN/ULC-S559).  Customers that employ this method of transmitting fire alarm signals to a listed central monitoring facility will continue to be able to, but if a ULC Installation (or Shared Station) Certificate is required, you will have to arrange to have the equipment replaced.

Technical Support Contacts:

Technical Support: 1-800-446-6444

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Northford CT 06472
Telephone: (203) 484-7161
Toll Free: (800) 328-0103
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