Heat Detector Recall affects all models of Edwards 280 Series Mechanical Heat Detectors!
Health Canada has issued a massive recall affecting all 280 Series heat detectors installed in Canada (more than 500,000).  For details on this recall notice and what building owners should be doing, please click on this link:  https://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2019/70945r-eng.php

Technical Service Note - Use of transient-voltage-suppression (TVS) diodes in FireShield control panels employing bells on the indicating circuits:
The Edwards part number for the TVS diode you will require is 235196P.  It is ULC Listed for use with the FireShield, EST-2, Quickstart, and EST-3.  Not using the diode on the FireShield product could damage the power supply when bells are employed on the NAC circuits.

150,000 Smoke Detectors Recalled!:
August 13, 2014 - Chubb-Edwards has announced the recall of over 150,000 Interlogix/ESL branded smoke detectors of various models including smoke alarms and system detectors.  The recall affects detectors manufactured with date codes between March 25, 2013 and February 28, 2014.  For more information please visit the recall notice page at Health Canada’s website.  Instructions are provided for members of the public that suspect their building’s system may be utilizing detectors that are the subject of this bulletin.  Model numbers affected by the recall include:

400 Series: 429AT, 429C, 429CAD, 429CRT, 429CST, 429CT, 429CTAD, 449AT, 449C, 449CRT, 449CSRH, 449CSRT, 449CST, 449CSTE, 449CT and 449CTE

500 Series:  511C, 518C, 521B, 521BXT, 521B-10PKDMP, 521B-10PKG, 521BXT-10PKG, 521BXT-DMP-10PKG, 528B, 528CRXT, 541C, 541C-10PKG, 541CXT, 541-CXT-10PK, 548C, C2M-PD, C2M-PD1, C2M-PDC, C2M-PDHC and C2M-PDHRC

Manual Pull Station Recall:
Manual pull stations that are the subject of this recall are manufactured of high impact ABS plastic and require a special key to reset. They are Edwards Model 274. The original service bulletin required a steel clip to be installed on the pull station door. When the door was closed (set in "normal" position), the clip fit around the head of the switch and would force it to operate when the station was activated (pulled open). The clip is no longer available and pull stations that are found to have not been retrofitted must be replaced.

6249C Smoke Detector Replacement:
GE Security is no longer manufacturing the 6249C (and family) of detectors. The listed replacement for this unit is the C2M-PD1. Do not use the C2M-PDC. The "C" in the latter, stands for the "Clean Me" option and will not work with a number of panels (such as 2280, 6500, 8500, and "SIGA" series smoke modules).

ESL-500 Series Smoke Detector Recall:
GE Security/Chubb Edwards is recalling 14000 ESL-500N Series Smoke Detectors Manufactured from June 2002 to June 2003. To view the complete list of affected units model numbers click HERE!


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