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[Timm Eubanks]

Timm Eubanks (Photographer/Artist):

    Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where
    there is no path and leave a trail.”

    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I thought it important to acknowledge the extraordinary vision of artist Timm Eubanks.  While browsing the web for a suitable image to convey the rather onerous task of converting a series of insubstantial seeming electronic files to a new format, I happened upon his blog.  Anyone who has actively been involved in website development will understand that the process of re-encoding a huge number of html pages can be both painstaking and (at times) frustrating (sort of like changing a light bulb in the middle of the desert).  Our website was becoming a real “kludge” to handle.  Changes to (or the addition of) one page would often require manually editing the site menu on dozens of others.  Since this site’s inception, I had been using Adobe’s Dreamweaver® for both the design and to perform the needed page edits.  Adobe makes use of several cutting edge technologies, but also requires an advanced understanding of the coding process, and (as I quickly found out) a lot of preplanning - I mean MAJOR preplanning.  I hadn’t anticipated that the current size of the site would ever come close to the number of pages my Google™ Analytics account says it is, nor did I ever envision having a FAQ of 200 questions (and growing) in four short years.  In looking for a solution that would not only make things easier to handle (as well as visually appealing), I came across Corel’s Website Creator X5 (sold as part of their CorelDRAW! X5 Premium Graphics Suite).  In a few short weeks, I think I may just have found that perfect tool (or as Timm’s image portrays, “ladder”).  I’ve been a huge fan of the Corel line of products (from Wordperfect 5.1 and onwards) and CorelDRAW! 4 on through to version 9, then X3, and X4.

My hat’s off to Timm for creating this incredibly funny and perfect image, and to the nice folks at Corel for making my task a whole lot easier!  You can appreciate more of Timm’s artistic talents by visiting his website, and for those of you that may have the insane idea of developing (and maintaining) your own website, put CorelDRAW X5 Premium Graphics Suite in YOUR tool kit (or better still - HIRE SOMEONE!).

Frank Kurz - Vancouver, British Columbia - June 2012


Copyright by Timm Eubanks (

Copyright © Timm Eubanks

From:  Timm Eubanks []
To:  Frank Kurz []
Sent:  Sun 04/03/2012 6:01 PM
Subject:  Re: The technician on the ladder picture!

Hi Frank:


More info on the shot:  I shot the desert shot in the Black Rock Desert in NV (Nevada) and then was going to hire a model for the ladder shot in the studio.  I was calling a model agency and my HVAC Tech that serviced my air conditioning in the studio walked in dressed as you see in the shot.  He was exactly what I wanted to hire.  Done!  I forget what I paid him but I think it was beer or wine.  I hung the lightbulb.  The light bulb is what makes me laugh.
The 2 shots were done on film, scanned and then put together in post production.




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[Timm Eubanks]

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