Career advice for someone considering fire alarm tech work

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Career advice for someone considering fire alarm tech work

Post by Corndog » Fri May 09, 2014 11:54

Hi, I'm looking for advice or opinions of experienced fire alarm techs.

My background:
- Diploma of Technology, Electronics, from BCIT
- almost a journeyman electrician, all schooling complete, need just under 200 hours of work before my work requirements are complete
- have credit for three out of five of the CFAA courses
- currently working on the remaining two CFAA courses
- have installed fire alarm systems as an apprentice electrician, including conduit, wiring, mounting devices, troubleshooting, testing
- lots of programming experience outside of fire alarm systems

I'm wondering if my background in electrical/electronics would have significant value in the fire alarm industry? I'm considering switching to fire alarm work full-time because I enjoyed it as an apprentice and was complimented on my work often by foremen. I have a lot of electronics and electrical troubleshooting experience and could fix problems quickly.

I'm also unsure about the process of getting ASTTBC certification. It seems there's nothing I can do by myself to get ASTTBC certification. From what I've found so far, I need to work for a technician who is already certified. What is the process for certification and how long does it typically take to receive full certification?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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Re: Career advice for someone considering fire alarm tech wo

Post by FIRETEK » Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:16

The various disciplines within ASTTBC Fire Protection Technician program require you to maintain a log book detailing your work experience. Part of the information ASTTBC needs to officially register you as a "trainee" within a discipline is your employer's information. The RFPT supervising your progress also has to sign off on your log book. More information regarding the program can be found at Good luck!
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