EST Quickstart Device Bypass

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EST Quickstart Device Bypass

Post by VSS » Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:40

I have a company looking to remove one of their duct systems, in that system is an addressable Quickstart system. Two questions, How can I identify the module for it and how can I remove it from the system without having to being Edwards in at a ridiculous rate. These guys have been taken advantage of by another company who has ripped them off, I would like to help them out. I am a tech but haven't had much experience with this system, any help is greatly appreciated! Have a fantastic day!

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Re: EST Quickstart Device Bypass

Post by FIRETEK » Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:15

The duct detector is likely a SIGA device (addressable smoke detector). The easy way to identify it is to open the unit's housing. It should go into trouble when you do (module address will come up on the LCD display). If you don't want to call Edwards in to service the unit, you could secure the unit on a bracket (but leave it connected to the system) once the ducting has been removed. Remove the sampling tubes and tape up the inlet/outlet holes on the housing. Disconnect any relay connections to fan controllers, etc. The ideal solution would be to disconnect it completely and eliminate it from the system via the software. Edwards (in Vancouver at least) charges a two hour minimum call-out to perform this kind of service. If you're going to go with the "cheap fix", make sure there's a PERMANENT NOTE in the fire alarm panel that identifies what you've done, where the detector is located and the module/device address of the unit.

If it's NOT a SIGA duct detector, then it will incorporate a conventional type smoke that's wired back to a smoke module mounted on the wall somewhere close to where the detector is (follow the wiring to the module). You can remove the end-of-line from the duct detector and put it across the terminals in the module. You can leave the module in place in this instance and the duct detector/and ductwork can then be safely removed (once you've disconnected any relay functions that the detector might be controlling directly). Again, please ensure you leave a PERMANENT NOTE in the fire alarm panel detailing what you've done.
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