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Fire Alarm Cable question

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:14
by Mike K
Good Day

I have a question regarding alarm cable. Fire Alarm & Signal (FAS) cable is made in four varieties: FAS60, FAS90, FAS105 and FAS200. The numbers, I believe, reflect the maximum temperature that the cable will support signal.

FAS60 is very common in the US; Canada seems to be FAS105.

Is there any reason for this, or is it just what's commonly available? In other words, if a cable is CSA-listed as FAS60, can it be used in Canada in a fire alarm application, or must an FAS105 be used?

Thanks in advance for enlightening me!

Mike K

Re: Fire Alarm Cable question

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:30
Actually the numbers refer to the maximum allowable conductor temperature. The conductors will "support signal" for as long as there's a connection (regardless of the temperature). I think you have to worry about what's happening to the insulation at the various temperature ranges since it's manufactured to the tolerance specified on the jacket. FAS105 seems to be a fairly common mark in Canada. All of the cable suppliers I talked with say it's the only rating they stock. I'll have to check CEC 2012 to see if there's a specific reference. None of the guys I talked to could provide me with the chapter and verse. :)