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“We are not a professional union, but together, we are a union of professionals!”

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New & Re-instatement:

This form will guide you through our formal registration process either as an associate, trainee or full member. If you are transferring an existing membership, registration (ASTTBC), or certification (CFAA), you will be required to submit additional information so that we can properly assess your equivalent level of professional practice as a Certified Building Life Safety Systems Technologist (LSST). Cancellation of your ASTTBC or CFAA membership is not required, however the unused portion of your current membership fees will be credited towards your first year's registration in order to assist you with the additional training fees associated with some of the Programme's Disciplines. Please review our Practice Guideline as some ASTTBC RFPT disciplines can transfer directly.

“We are not a professional union, but together, we are a union of professionals!”

Please take the time to read through our Code of Ethics and Practice Guideline.

Welcome to the Fire Protection Technicians Network!


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Please tell us about yourself!

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Fields marked with an ( * ) are required to successfully submit your application. Please ensure you complete any sections that apply to you. Incomplete applications may cause delays in your registration experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Employment information IS NOT required to be completed for those individuals applying as an ASSOCIATE Member.


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If you are applying for professional registration under the Fire Technicians Network Certification Programme, you will be subject to a Professional Practice Evaluation. Special certification will be granted in the disciplines / endorsements in which you previously registered / certified. Your personal practice log will also be reviewed during the PPE.

If you checked ASTTBC above, please check off which disciplines appear on your stamp (do NOT include "Provisional Endorsements"):

Will you be cancelling your ASTTBC Technician Registration once you have been accepted into the Fire Technicians Network's Programme for Certified Life Safety Equipment Service Professionals?
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Please provide your current four digit Registration Number: FP-
(You will be required to submit proof of payment for your current annual membership dues.)

If you checked CFAA above, please indicate your current status:
Student Member Certified Fire Alarm Technician

Will you be cancelling your CFAA Technician Certification once you have been accepted into the Fire Technicians Network's Programme for Certified Life Safety Equipment Service Professionals?
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Please provide us with your member/technician number:
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Which CFAA Courses have you completed?
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If you checked DHI above, do you currently hold a FDAI?
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If you checked "Yes" please provide us with your certification number:
(You will be required to submit proof of payment for your current annual membership dues.)

If you have a Degree from a recognized College or University, additional certification or special endorsements (i.e. Transport Canada or Intertek Cylinder Requalifier, City of Vancouver - or other jurisdiction's - List of Qualified Verifiers), please list them here. Do not include manufacturer specific training certificates. These will be reviewed during your Professional Practice Evaluation:

Are you applying to reinstate a lapsed, suspended, or cancelled registration with the Fire Technicians Network?

Are you applying to add an additional discipline / endorsement to your current registration with the Fire Technicians Network?

If you checked "Yes" to either of the above questions, please provide your registration number:

What discipline / endorsement are you applying for? If you are transferring your existing Certification, please check all that apply. If you are adding a discipline / endorsement, please check only one.


Please provide your current employer's information:

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I am registering for ONE of the following courses (Select from either Full or Review sections):

I have copies of the relevant Standards available and will bring them to use in class.
Yes No

Passive Building Systems (LSST-B) (ONLINE COURSE ONLY)


Fire Alarm System Inspection (LSST-F)
Fire Alarm System Inspection (LSST-F) (ONLINE COURSE)
Fire Alarm System Verification (LSST-V) †
Fire Alarm System Verification (LSST-V) (ONLINE COURSE)†
Fire Signal Transmitting Equipment (LSST-COM) †
Fire Signal Transmitting Equipment (LSST-COM) (ONLINE COURSE)†
Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Systems (LSST-C) (ONLINE COURSE)
Fire Extinguishers (LSST-E) (ONLINE COURSE ONLY)
Kitchen Suppression Systems (LSST-K) (ONLINE COURSE ONLY)
Unit Emergency Lighting (ONLINE COURSE ONLY)
Water Based Extinguishing Systems (LSST-W) (ONLINE COURSE ONLY)
Passive Building Systems (LSST-BR) (Review Module) ‡


Fire Alarm System Inspection (LSST-FR) (Review Module)*
Fire Alarm System Verification (LSST-VR) (Review Module) †

* Required by CFAA Certified Technicians or ASTTBC RFPTs with AL endorsement who wish to obtain LSST-F.
† For those candidates that are currently listed as a named Verifier in the City of Vancouver Bulletin or are in the employ of a manufacturer, and who are registered / certified by either ASTTBC or CFAA, your formal Professional Practice Evaluation will determine whether you're required to complete the full LSST-V Course or the Review Module. NOTE: You will still be required to complete the LSST-FR (Review Module) if you are engaged in performing annual testing of fire alarm systems. This would become your default choice for this application.
‡ Applies to DHI FDAI only.

ONLINE courses may be available as classroom based sessions. You will receive additional information regarding schedules and venues. Please refer to the Practice Guideline for course fee schedules.

Associate or Student Member includes access to Member's Desk, newsletter and special discounts in the Tech Store (renews at $50.00 per annum).

For Trainee (Apprentice) Members, your special Training Seal will be issued upon successful course completion.

Registration Fee includes initiation, seal and non-refundable $100.00 Processing Fee, access to the Member's Desk, newsletter and special discounts in the Tech Store (renews at $95.00 per annum).

Reinstatement Fee (or the Additional Endorsement Fee) includes a non-refundable $100.00 Processing Fee (Seal replacement fee may also apply), (pro-rated annual membership will also be added for the balance of the member's re-instatement).

All Prices are Canadian Dollars (GST/HST may apply). We will send you a final invoice via email once we have reviewed your application and applied any additional course fees, rebates or credits. Completion of this form is not a contract, nor does it grant you any rights to practice. Additoinal terms, conditions, training or examination requirements will be outlined in the detailed applicant review package you will be receiving.

Clicking "Submit" will take you to a confirmation page where additional information will be requested. Please follow the instructions on the page. Failure to provide the information requested will delay the application process.



Additional information may be required to process your application
(you will be notified by email at the address you provided above).

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